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        廊坊市潤德涂料有限公司是一家*生產環氧地坪涂料的企業,集研發、設計、供應、施工為一體。近年里,我公司憑借精湛的*技術優勢和完善周到的售后服務,承接了全國各地數百個環氧地坪漆工 程。多年的歷程使我們擁有豐富的施工經驗和高水準的設計、施工能力。優良的品質、良好的信譽、嚴 謹求實的科學態度、失志不渝的敬業精神、規范的生產工藝及優良的售后服務,讓我們贏得了廣大客戶 的信賴和諸多工程的選用。

        經過多次的試驗、潛心研究,研發出各種高質量環氧樹脂地坪漆,其主要特點是抗擊性強,耐磨度高, 色澤廣泛,價位低廉。廣泛應用于各行各業,電子、電器、汽車、機械、醫藥、食品、紡織、航空航天 等各類工業、商業、企業的各種生產作業場所;如車庫、辦公室、體育場、*、機房、展覽館、*會 所等各種水泥地面;隨著市場的發展和要求,我們不斷改進、升級換代,新推出藝術地坪和裝飾性地坪贏 得眾多客戶的青睞和好評,我公司本著“以科技創新求發展,向管理服務要效益"的宗旨,迅速發展成為一家業內具有強大優勢地位的企業。 面臨新世紀的挑戰,潤德涂料有限公司愿與業界人土精誠合作,攜手共創未來。

        Langfang City Rudder Coating Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of floor coatings business, research and development,design, supply, construction, service as a whole.

              In recent years, our company with superb technical superiority and perfect after sales service, undertaking all over the countryhundreds of epoxy floor paint projects. Years of history that we have a wealth of construction experience and high standard of design and construction capabilities. Excellent quality, good reputation, rigorous and realistic scientific attitude, unwavering dedication, standardized production technology and excellent after- sales service, let us win the trust of customers and manyprojects use.

              After several trials, painstaking research, developed a variety of high-quality epoxy floor paint, its main feature is to fightstrong, high wear resistance, color, wide on the cheap. Widely used in various industries, electronics, appliances, automobiles,machinery, medicine, food, textile, aerospace and other industrial, commercial, corporate sites of production operations; suchas garages, offices, stadiums, hospitals, rooms, exhibition Hall, senior clubs and other concrete floor; as the market grows and requirements, we continue to improve, upgrade, new floring and decorative art of the floor to win the favor and praise of many customers, our company spirit of "science and technology innovation and development, the management services to benefit"the purpose of rapidly developed into a dominant position in the industry with a strong business. Challenges facing the new century, Runde Paint Co., Ltd. is willing to cooperate with industry, to work together in the future.


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